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There are five major factions of the LEGO Pirates that were released between 1989 and 1996. The first to be released in 1989 were the Imperial Soldiers who operated out of their base known as the Eldorado Fortress (6276). The next faction to be released was the Imperial Guards who traded with pirates and everyone of the Caribbean at the Imperial Trading Post (6277). The next faction to be released would be the Islanders who made their home on the 6292 Enchanted Island. The final faction to be released would be the Imperial Armada who never had a real base of their own but commanded the mighty Armada Flagship (6280).

LEGO Pirates - Lego Pirates Teaser


LEGO Pirates - Lego Islanders Teaser


LEGO Pirates - Lego Imperial Soldiers Teaser

Imperial Soldiers

LEGO Pirates - Lego Imperial Guards Teaser

Imperial Guards

LEGO Pirates - Lego Imperial Armada Teaser

Imperial Armada